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Immigrants are only guaranteed basic human rights by international law. Any other rights are granted solely at the discretion of the host country. This includes absolute discretion regarding who is allowed to enter the country, and the United States sets strict immigration policies. Those with criminal records have a high probability of being denied entry, and those convicted of crimes within the United States face removal or deportation. Humphrey & Associates, P.C. is an experienced criminal defense and immigration attorney who can help deal with the immigration consequences of a criminal charge.

Padilla Advisements (Consequences of a Guilty Plea)

When an immigrant is charged with a crime, their attorney is responsible for informing them of potential immigration consequences including the possibility of deportation. If they enter a guilty plea to a charge with immigration consequences or turn down a plea offer to a charge without immigration consequences because their attorney did not provide them with the necessary information, they may be able to have a resulting conviction overturned for ineffective assistance of counsel.


When a spouse or child is in the United States because the other spouse or parent is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and that person is an abuser, the abused spouse or child may file an immigrant visa petition without the abuser’s knowledge. To be eligible, that person must show that they have suffered abuse or extreme cruelty and that they meet moral character requirements.


Receiving or renewing a visa requires that the applicant be of good moral character. While there are some crimes that are automatically disqualifying, other offenses are treated on a case-by-case basis based on a consular officer’s review of court documents and any other supporting information.

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