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1. Criminal Defense



The attorneys at Humphrey & Associates are experienced in criminal defense and have years of courtroom experience. They work toward the betterment of criminal client representation as a whole. They provide an objective point of view, and help you work toward a favorable, realistic outcome, while advising you to avoid making mistakes that will cost you in court.


DUI convictions can lead to thousands of dollars in court costs, fines, license suspension, unaffordable insurance rate hikes, and possible jail time. Even those who avoid the most serious consequences may face a stigma that can cost them their job or make it harder to find future employment especially if a job requires a clean driving record.



Domestic violence charges frequently arise out of misunderstandings; an officer may misinterpret an innocent argument as verbal and physical abuse, an alleged victim may misrepresent the truth out of anger, or the system may treat a minor incident as a major assault. Because of the biases and assumptions associated with domestic violence, it’s important to handle any Defense with extreme care. We work to reunite families that have been affected by Domestic violence.


With a nationwide emphasis on curbing sexual assaults, there has been an uptick in charges based on false accusations, as well as minor incidents being over-charged by the prosecution. In this environment, it can be extremely difficult for a defendant to make their voice heard and convince the judge or jury to review the facts objectively. Once accused of a sexual assault or abuse, you are forever effected.


Misdemeanors cover quality of life offenses and other minor crimes. The maximum sentence is one year in jail although fines or probation are common. Misdemeanors use an abbreviated court process with no preliminary hearing and a right to a jury only when a jail sentence is possible. Some misdemeanors in Colorado and other states carry a penalty of up to two years possible. These charges may be considered Felonies by other States and the Federal Court system. Call us today to find out the actual and collateral consequences of a conviction. These minor offenses can affect your right to own and possess a firearm.



Felonies include the most serious crimes up to and including murder. Serious felonies are punishable by up to life in prison and prison sentences are common especially if you have a documented history of committing criminal acts. The felony process has multiple stages including an initial appearance, preliminary hearing, arraignment, and eventual jury trial.



The “War on Drugs” has led to lengthy sentences in every drug case. Often, a more appropriate resolution is to request treatment for the underlying problem to prevent recurrences of the same conduct. Additionally, drug arrests typically call into question a number of Fourth Amendment issues that could undermine the entire prosecution.


For relatively minor first time offenses, a deferred prosecution may often be available. In a deferred prosecution, alternatives to a criminal conviction such as community service or a drug treatment program may be offered. If the terms are successfully followed without additional criminal charges, the original charges will be dismissed.


If a crash was caused due to alleged DUI, reckless driving, or other traffic law violations and another driver, a passenger in any vehicle, or a pedestrian is killed, the prosecution may attempt to upgrade the charges to vehicular homicide with a significant prison term.

Unbalanced Scales of Justice

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