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Clean your record



An expungement is a way of removing a criminal conviction or charge from a person’s criminal record. This is increasingly important in an era when employers and landlords have instant access to extensive databases and use this information to deny applicants who have had any contact with the criminal justice system. This could even include situations where an arrest was made based on a false accusation and the charges were later dismissed following a full investigation.

An expungement allows a person to legally answer the question of whether they have ever been charged with or convicted of a crime in the negative (certain exceptions may apply for government jobs or other sensitive positions). If an expungement is granted, all court records related to the case will be ordered to be sealed or destroyed.

Wyoming courts will only grant expungements to adults under a narrow set of circumstances, and very few petitions succeed. Juvenile convictions may be expunged upon reaching the age of 18, but the process is not automatic, and a petition to the court is required.

Governor’s Pardon

Another option to clear a criminal record is by receiving a pardon from the governor. While most people are familiar with pardons that come from the governor intervening in an unusual high-profile case, Wyoming also has an application process for pardons. An application can only be made once 10 years has passed from the date of the conviction, and the governor’s policy excludes certain offenses such as sex crimes and crimes against children. A pardon restores all civil rights that were lost due to the conviction.

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