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Introducing our law firm
Mountain Ridge

Founded in 2010,
Humphrey & Associates Specializes in
Immigration and Criminal Law

Introducing Our
Law Firm

        Welcome to Humphrey & Associates, a law firm serving residents of Laramie and Albany County, Wyoming. We are located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and represent clients in the areas of Criminal Defense and Family-Based Immigration. The team at Humphrey & Associates has 17+ years of legal experience handling all aspects of criminal defense work, including: plea negotiations, bench or jury trial, direct appeals, post-conviction relief, expungements and pardons. On the immigration side, we conduct Padilla advisements, and assist with adjustment of status, consular processing, fiancee visas, extension of I-94 services, renewal of green cards and petitions to remove conditions. We also assist with naturalization applications. Our approach is simple, we find alternative solutions to legal disputes, give clients every possible option, help them reach an informed decision, and assist them in executing their desired course of action. 

Our Practice Areas


Criminal Law
"If you don't talk, you might walk"

Our lawyers have handled cases ranging from misdemeanors to homicide.  We may also represent you in the State's highest court, or beyond.  We have experience in Federal and State court and are ready and able to handle your or your family member's criminal matter. 


DUI Defense
"A mix of criminal and civil"

DUI charges have a mix of criminal and civil consequences. Not only are you facing possible jail time, but also the loss of your driving privileges. It is important to seek the advice of experienced attorneys who will advise you throughout this difficult process.


Post Conviction Relief
"It's not over 'til it's over"

Our attorneys can advise you as to your options if you have been convicted of a crime. We have experience in direct appeals, post-conviction relief, expungements, pardons, habeas corpus, habeas corpus ad prosequendum, outstanding warrants, and discharge from probation. 


"We are a nation of immigrants"

We provide legal services and advice for family-based immigration cases, such as: adjustment of status, consular processing, waivers, fiancee visas, u-visa and VAWA petitions. We also provide Spanish to English document translation services as well as notary public services in our office.

Our Attorneys

Mere access to the courthouse doors does not by itself assure a proper functioning of the adversary process.

~Thurgood Marshall (1985)~

News & Updates of
Humphrey & Associates

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